The Comrie Railroad is owned and operated by P.S.M.E.E. member Bob Smith. It is situated near Comrie, Perthshire and is not normally open to the public. Bob is a retired marine engineer and apart from the railroad he is interested in traction engines and steam boats.

The 7" gauge Society have held their AGM at Comrie the past and Bob usually has an open day for visiting 7" gauge locomotives in September. The first time I saw Bob's railroad I knew there really must be a Heaven. There were so many locomotives on the tracks it caused a traffic jam and the owners were fighting to get enough passengers to load up their train and test the power of the locomotive.

The map gives some idea of the layout of the track. The station is situated on the lower edge of the map next to the red arrow. From here the track passes the engine sheds and starts to curve to the right and descend gently then more steeply at 1 in 48 to a girder bridge " 4th Bridge " before crossing the access road at Comrie Station. The track continues more or less level until it passes Earthquake Halt and turns right over the steel viaduct. This is where the hard work begins as it is uphill now nearly all the way to the main station. With a 3mph limit on the viaduct followed by a curving 1 in 50 climb it is a joy to listen to the engines pulling hard through the shallow cutting. A short descent of 1 in 60 is then followed by a climb up over two bridges before crossing the road again at the steepest gradient of 1 in 21 ! The track then curves slightly downhill into the station with the smaller inner circuit to our right.

Most of the place names on the map will be self explanatory apart that is from "Earthquake Halt". This is because Comrie lies on a fault line and is known as the earthquake centre of Scotland. At the point where the railroad crosses the viaduct at "Earthquake Halt" it is just a few hundred yards from the seismology station used to monitor the seismic activity in the area.